One Girl

Do It In A Dress: Changing the world one dress at a time

Since creating the original brand in 2011, Journey has evolved the way the Do It In A Dress campaign communicates every year.

Do it (in a dress!)

Journey created the Do It In A Dress campaign brand for Melbourne charity One Girl in 2011.

Since then, every year we have updated the brand and collateral to maintain the organisation’s focus and energy in the campaign.


The brand is an energetic and vibrant take on what a charity can be. Less guilt, more hope, more doing.

The brand is positive and action-oriented in nature which resonates strongly with participants.

Fun & impact

The brand uses fun elements and real life impact in equal measure. Making giving to charity fun is a good strategy.

Since the brand’s inception in 2011, donation amounts have increased exponentially.

“Journey created the beautiful new Do It In A Dress brand which enabled us to raise over $300,000 – enough to give more than 1,000 girls access to education”

One Girl Team, 2012