Sunshine Social

Leveraging a local sense of place & pride

Changing the perception of a place by leveraging it’s local pride, mateship and family values.

A social outlook

Journey was engaged to create a brand identity and visual language for the venue, one that helped create a welcoming and friendly space for friends and families.

A simple mark

The Sunshine Social identity is emotive and memorable – a highly visible, and welcome addition to the local landscape.

Variations of a theme

The brand can communicate emotions and actions with humour and ease.

The brand's visual language features different tones and variations of the primary brand colour, representing the multicultural and vibrant nature of Sunshine.

This has been used from the table tiling to outside wall patterns.

Since opening Sunshine Social has received a fantastic response and has been featured in numerous blogs, guides and programs such as Channel 9’s ‘Postcards’ and Broadsheet.

Read the Broadsheet article here.